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Anonymous asked:

My boyfriend wants to be a femboy, and I am fine with this, but he sometimes gets upset because he feels like he isnt being a man enough for me, like when my guy friends take me to watch football, how can I explain it doesnt matter what he is to me?x

Speak from the heart my man. It may be corny but you just need to say how you feel. Examples; you love him for who he is and however he decides to present himself. If being a femboy is what makes him happy, you’re happy. Things along those lines. Feel free to ask again if i didn’t give the answer you were looking for.



I can preach all day about how gender confines creativity, is the seed to social wars, limits personal growth and progress, blah blah blah…

Gender identity is on the brink of a massive expansion beyond the current binary. Gender identification is also on the brink of becoming completely extinct. It all depends on which side of the fence you are on.

The point is that changes are happening. What I wonder is how I am expressing these changes, both in society and within myself. I wonder what other people are doing to express these changes. I dream of a future that is very different from modern day and I wonder how others, along with myself are going to create this future.

Sometimes I think of myself and the world as a box of matches. Gender is the box, the matches inside the box are society. I am the rough surface on the outside of the box that sets the matches on fire.

My gender variant style sparks emotion that creates a change.
Sometimes its negative, sometimes its positive.
What matters is that I am forcing people to question society.
Most people wouldn’t dare.

-Elliott Alexzander

What are you doing to create change?
This message brought to you by House Of Alexzander.

Truly Inspirational~

kandikitteh asked:

Well, I've been wondering what exactly it means to be a femboy. I'm a girl but I like to crossdress and didn't think I was a femboy? Also you sense of style is AMAZING and I was wondering if you could help me (with "girl" or "guy" clothes

A femboy is typically a male who either wishes to, or already embraces his feminine traits more so than the average male would. I’m not to sure what the correct term is for the opposite medium, just tomboy maybe?

I’d be glad to help out whenever; add me up on Skype or throw an email at me, I got those handy dandy buttons on my blog after all, and thanks!


xxhypnozeesxx asked:

Hey I just wanted to say your blog is amazing, I'm a femboy too, I wear my sister's clothes around but I haven't gotten up the courage to tell anyone... what do u think I should do?

Thanks dude, I really appreciate the kind words!

I don’t think there’s really a need to tell people about it unless they ask really, It may feel great that you’ve found this new part of you and all that, but people aren’t always as accepting as we’d like them to be, and your being a femboy might be found as awkward or unacceptable to some, which could lead to a negative response on their part, so you gotta just be the bigger person and respect that boundary. Also, go slow at very first when it comes to the fashion aspect. Test the waters and see whats comfortable for you, what you can pull off, etc. 

If my explanation is still unclear I apologize, check out this video Eagle made, It explains things very nicely:

Keep it classy man~


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