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Androgynous, or Femboy

I’ve noticed something across the internet lately. When you see a femboy what makes you identify him as a femboy? And when you see an androgynous male what makes you classify him as such? There are a few differences which i find most people overlook quite often. These can either matter a lot, or not at all depending on the way you think.

FEMBOY: The easiest way you can identify a femboy is, obviously by his look. A femboy will stand out as an effeminate looking being, but still be noticed as a male. (most likely) For example, Picture 1 is of Eagle Summers. You can tell he’s a dude, but he also looks very feminine, cute, etc.

ANDROGYNOUS: Unlike a Femboy, an androgynous male will be pretty much impossible to pick out among other women. Picture 2 is of Adrej Pejic. It gives an example of an androgynous man.

SUMMARY: There is a VERY VERY thin line between these to ways of representing yourself through the way you look. Mentally, the femboy identity represents a male who embraces a feminine side of himself. An androgynous identity; although seeming similar, is completely different. It represents a male who wants to look like, or be identified as female as much as possible. (without crossing to trans of course) Just remember, the difference in identity also means there really is a difference between looks, which also also means there is existing grey space in the between the two categories of fem and androgynous. Your own preference will guide you through to whichever degree of that grey area you wanna travel to. Just remember that it’s more of a mental state of mind than anything. do what keeps you comfortable and makes you happy.

MY FEELINGS: quite personally I get very embarrassed when mistaken for a female, on top of that embarrassment however, i do get a little confidence boost. It’s not what i really go for, but it lets me know that i’m capable of pulling off a feminine look (which is not easy dammit!)

This post is at least a day past due, so apologies everyone. And sorry for stealing your pitchur eagle, but you’re pretty much the only accurate representation of a femboy on the entire internet.

Don’t be afraid to Message me if theres anything you disagree on or think i should correct about my posts either guys, thanks!


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